Surfs Up!
The 250th Annual X-tremely Silly Surfer competition
wrapped up this week on Planet Chachachawowa with
Eddy the Eco-Dog winning the gold medal.
It was a close competition until the final round when
Eddy wowed the judges with a triple looped, upside-down
toe curl with his paws tied behind his back.
The celebration then went all night long as Eddy and the
gang binged on dogbone pizza at Yolanda's diner.

Taste of Eddy
After looking for something tasty to wash his
dogbone pizza down, Eddy the Eco-Dog, a star
surfin' pooch from planet Chachachawowa, created
his own new soft drink today called Pup-si. Flavors
range from Beagle Berry to Canine Cola.

Eddy Wins a Golden Globe
Hollywood is all a buzz over the suprise winner
of a Golden Globe. Eddy the Eco-Dog, the zany star
surfing pooch from Planet Chachachawowa accepted the
award for best intergalactic surfer dog in a webcartoon
series, this was the first year for that award catagory.
During his acceptance speach, all Eddy could say was "Schizooo!"
Stay tooned for more, every week.

Eddy's Big New Years Bash
Eddy the Eco-Dog, who's parties have now become world
famous, has slammed out yet another huge shaker for
the 2001 new years. People in attendance had to bring
umbrellas because it was raining craziness.
Entertainment included comedian Larry Sign-feld and
rock group the Bowling Stones. When asked about the
party Eddy would only comment; "I ate too much dogbone
pizza but we rocked anyway baby!" Stay tooned for more...

President Finaly Elected
After over a month of court battles, ballot counting and
belly aching, a winner to the presidential election has
been named. Eddy the Eco-Dog, who was not on the original
ballot, was given the presidency due to his work with the
environment, love of fun and boyish good looks. Neither of
the other candidates have commented but Eddy has stated that
as his first act of office, he'll change the Statue of Liberty
to a statue of Britney Spears.